Personal Parking Reminder
Personal Parking Reminder


Forget problems with parking! You want to settle your affairs, but the annoying thought that your parking time is soon over don't let you concentrate. To solve your problems we have created  Personal Parking Reminder. Now you don't need to track minutes, to take your car from parking at the right time. Let Personal Parking Reminder do the whole work. The timer warns in 15 minutes before the end of parking time. You will also find your car on parking without problems, because it is possible to add some landmarks.

HOW TO USE: set the timer, after you have parked. Add the place and the sector of parking, photos of landmarks.

Personal Parking Reminder features:
- Timer which warns in 15 minutes before the end of parking time;
- Possibility to add some landmarks;
- Note the place and the sector of parking;
- Possibility to  check when the time of your parking is running out. 

Don't bother about exceeding the time limit of your parking - Personal Parking Reminder will inform you when the time is running out. It will also help you to find your auto among the others.
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