Pray Everyday
Pray Everyday


Praying to God is one of the main duties of every Christian. Pray Everyday is a prayer book, in which we have collected Christian prayers that are good for reading in any occasion. Prayer is one of the means for your spiritual growth, the way you communicate with Creator. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the best way of meditation for anxiety is a night prayer. 


Pray Everyday is a simple organizer for your prayer time. Here you will find a calendar with religious holidays and sacred time. There is also a list with prayers, you can choose any prayer you want. Bedtime prayers, morning prayers, prayers for kids and for mother etc. 



There are several options in the main menu:



-All prayers



You can create your own prayer or select the one that’s already exist. Just choose the name of prayer and see the text of it. 

In events you can choose prayers especially for holidays like Easter, Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving Day.

You can also manage your prayers: read prayer, change its text or delete and create a new one.


Pray Everyday features:

- Calendar with prayers for every day;

- List of prayers and possibility to create new ones;

- List of religious holidays with prayers;

- Manage your prayers with simple click;

- Follow events and create new ones.


This can be an educational prayer app for kids. Teach your kid to be wise, kind and generous with this prayer app. Learn values of life and christian prayers, improve yourself and become closer to God.


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