No matter if you are an owner of a small business or a serious company; you would definitely find the Product Profit application as a useful business instrument. Now you don’t have to keep a plenty of different characteristic of goods and count and recount several times to be sure in numbers. Just enter characteristic of a product and application would afford you necessary data for your business planning. 

This is an irreplaceable instrument for everyone who has a deal with business and trade. You would always have good’s characteristic and financial data in your device.

HOW TO USE: Enter product characteristics:
- Estimated value;
- Expenses;
- Price per unit etc.
And count necessary information: 
- Profit;
- Break even point; 
- Markup;
- Margin etc.

Product Profit features: 
- Useful products data storage for easy operating;
- All good’s financial characteristic in one place;
- Simple financial planning.

Product Profit is a great way to do business without complicated numbers operating! Now you can rely on the business instrument and be sure about an accuracy.  
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