Purchasing Manager GOLD
Purchasing Manager GOLD


How often do you use the Internet to buy goods? You are probably not really a fan of Internet purchasing but our new app Purchasing Manager is going to change this. The Internet shopping is becoming more and more popular nowadays, this is the reason why you should take a second look at using the World Web to save time and money on purchases. Try out a new easy way to find all places to buy products you need in your location.

HOW TO USE: Add into product list the name of a new product to be searched for. Our app will find the best option for purchasing in accordance with your location. All requests are saved in Request History, so you will never lose the information found before.

Purchasing Manager features:
- Easy to use purchasing app;
- Several products searching at the same time;
- Saving history of requests;
- Results are sorted out according to user location.

There is no reason to wander and check up several stores one by one looking for a goods you want to buy. Search everything beforehand and choose the nearest market for shopping. Purchasing Manager is the smart way to buy goods over the Internet!

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