Improve your reading skills while having fun! Play entertaining mini-games, find out useful hints and be skilled at reading! It's really easy and a lot of fun! Don't miss the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of books - so let's read more and more!

Of course, to read a book you need the time, and it is much easier to see the film instead. But what if we learn to read really fast and understand at the same time?

Reading Fast game is a complete speed reading course that help you not just increase your reading speed but also train you to read effectively.

HOW TO USE: The read faster app includes 8 mini-games, the table of records and different guides and advice about how to read quickly. Mini-games include games with single words and games with fragments of whole texts. You can read the fragment and check your understanding of it by true or false test. Try to read as fast as you can and beat your own record over and over again!

Reading Fast game's features:
- Play addictive games and increase your reading speed as the same time;
- 8 mini-games in 1 app;
- Fragments of classical literature;
- The table of records – beat your own record over and over;
- A theoretical bonus: tricks to read faster.

Check out our Reading Fast game and train to read faster! From now on you don't need to spend weeks to read one novel. Let's read more and more, because there are so many books to read!


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