Ready To Talk Gold
Ready To Talk Gold


Every day we have to be in touch with people around the world. Business partners are from Japan, your parents live in Norway and your friend study in Great Britain. Now you don’t have to keep in memory all of their time zones and better time to call. Just fill in your contacts with notes about preferable time for conversation. 

How To Use: 
- Create contact and note its time zone, preferable time to connect and “Do not disturb” time;
- Each contact shows you real time of this person, so you can always guess what is your friend from China doing at this moment; 
- Depending on time, contact’s icon lightens with different colors: green – you can connect to this person at the moment; red – better not to call now;
 blue – indefinite time (there is no information about this period)

Ready To Talk Gold features: 
- Great business application allows you to be in touch with people from different parts of the world; 
- Colored contacts with all information about person’s suitable time; 
- Check out real time for each contact;
- Ready To Talk is a good choice for time management and business connections.

Put in order all your contacts with different time zones with the Ready To Talk Gold application! Now you can be sure that you are always in time! Don’t worry to disturb anyone with your phone call, just check out if it is a good time for call.

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