ReDo Schedule
ReDo Schedule


Meet the first todo app which allows you to repeat tasks and classify them by categories. Try out a new convenient time manager for busy people which will increase your daily efficiency at work. With the help of our ReDo Schedule app you will be able to sort all your duties, create different categories with tasks, choose different icons, mark your tasks as important and completed, set a due date and time of notification which is also available on Apple Watch. There is no more need in creating each time tasks you have to do, just set a notification on every hour/day/week/month and it will remind you about them. Moreover you can swipe down in order to create this task quickly. Increase your productivity together with ReDo Schedule!

HOW TO USE: Launch the app, add your duties, arrange them within different categories, set a notification and due date, mark completed tasks with a tick and important with an asterisk!

ReDo Schedule features:
- Timesaving tool for busy people;
- Add tasks quickly and easily;
- Repeat them every hour/day/week/month;
- Keep control of your daily routine;
- Different categories to choose from;
- Add your own categories;
- Great variety of icons;
- Due date and notifications;
- Mark your duties with a tick or an asterisk;
- Apple Watch support.
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