RPG Trainer
RPG Trainer


RPG Trainer is your new effective and visually pleasing approach to workout!

Make your workouts organized and entertaining by adding role-playing flavor to them! RPG Training gives you an opportunity to create your avatar and watch it become stronger as you exercise. As you train you gain experience for each exercise and avatar's level increases making him stronger. He also has attributes - Strength and Stamina which show you how powerful you are now and what barbell weight you should be aiming at. Start working out using detailed and efficient program, become stronger with your avatar and unlock motivating achievements!

How does it work? Create and name your avatar and start exercising with efficient sports program! Mark done exercises and receive experience to level up your avatar. Strength and Stamina attributes will help you to choose optimal barbell weight. Become healthier and more muscular with your character and unlock achievements!

RPG Trainer features:
- Virtual avatar which becomes stronger with you;
- Efficient sports program with detailed exercises;
- Your characters' attributes will help you to determine perfect barbell weight;
- Entertaining achievements to unlock
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