Salary Accounting
Salary Accounting


Secondary employment is a real necessity for those who want to have an additional earnings to increase their monthly benefit. You have to manage your time professionally in order to keep everything under control, do your secondary job in time and remember everything which is really hard to do. Now you don't have to worry about complicated work schedule as you choose our new business app Salary Accounting. This is a smart application for your computer helping to create a work calendar easily taking into account all the additional sources of income. Organize your working time, monitor the overlaying of working hours and be aware of your current and expected income.

HOW TO USE: Use an «Add a regular work» button to create a schedule for every working day of your regular work. See the working hours in the day schedule window. Add a new secondary work clicking at any hour of the day or using an «Add work» button, enter your income and choose a color. You can create a work templates to make it easier. If there is any overlaying of working hours you will be warned. You can continue anyway and see the overlayed hours of different works arranged into columns (no more than three).

Salary Accounting features:
- All sources of extra income in one app
- Easy and convenient schedule control
- Current and expected income data
- Creating a work templates function
- Overlaying of working hours is possible
- Different colors to choose

Try out a new business application for busy people, manage your time smartly and control your earnings!
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