Sense Of Vision
Sense Of Vision


How often do you feel your eyes are tired? Do you suffer from a dry eye often? If you reckon your eyesight is getting worse you definitely need to make exercise. Sense Of Vision could be the best support for whose who have problems with their eyes. Office job, every day TV,  internet searching, reading in the dark room can cause serious damage for your eyes. Take a rest and make a series of prearranged exercises to keep healthy eyesight. 

As any other muscle, eye muscles need to be in tone. Regular workout helps to keep them strong. With the help of Sense Of Vision you are going to learn how to preserve your eyesight doing 3-4 exercise a day for less than 10 minutes a day. Know a visible feed back after several workouts: no dry eye, no seeing double, no eye strain. Just remember: practice makes perfect.

Sense Of Vision features:
- Prearranged sets of eye exercises:
- Variable notifications;
- Bright illustration of each exercise for better understanding;
- Tips for preserving eyesight.
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