Smart Date
Smart Date


Meet a new lifestyle application which is a good choice for businessmen and students, for schoolchildren and housekeepers, and for those who want to keep their life organized and well-planned. Try out an easy way to manage all your tasks and keep everything under control.  

HOW TO USE: To add a new task, tap the + button in the right upper corner of the screen. Set the date and time and add all the information about your task. You can see all the tasks for the selected day and create more tasks, in this case, you need just set the time. You can mark your task complete after the set time. All your tasks will be sorted by status and date. 

Smart Date features:
- Simple but multifunctional organizer for life and work;
- Set the title, date, and time of the task that has to be accomplished;
- Access any task in one moment;
- Easy to plan - easy to do;
- Incomplete tasks are displayed in a special tab.
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