Smart Date - Calendar for Life & Business Gold
Smart Date - Calendar for Life & Business Gold


Smart Date - Calendar for Life & Business Gold is a lifestyle application is a good choice for businessmen and students, for schoolchildren and housekeepers, and for all kinds of people who want to keep their life organized and well-planned. 

How to use: To view your current tasks, click on the button with today's date on the top. To choose another date, scroll to the date you need in the left column and click. Write all necessary notes in a window on the right side. When you mouse over a task name, you will see the description which you've entered before. All your notes will be sorted in a list. 

Task name: pick up the laundry. Date: 11/03/2015. Time: 3:30 pm. Description: 23rd street station. Dry-cleaner on The Fifth Avenue. Use the courtyard entrance. Ask for Mary. 

Smart Date - Calendar for Life & Business Gold features:
- Simple but multifunctional organizer for life and work;
- Set the title, date, and time of the task that has to be accomplished;
- Access any task in one moment;
- The interface is in a color that is restful to your eyes;
- Planning anytime, anywhere!


The calendar and notepad are​ easily viewed on your Mac. The latest addition: the date and time duration calculator. Just enter a time period and see what date it will be!

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