Stereograms Collection
Stereograms Collection


Good news for all lovers of trick-eye art! Have you ever heard about stereograms? It is not only a colorful entertainment, but also a simple way for eyesight training. Better to say, stereogram is the 3D picture, hidden within another picture. Looking for it, you have to strain brain and eye muscles at the same time. Stereograms help to improve the ability of eyes to focus on visible object and the ability of brain to recognize it. 

Usually we can't find time to do some exercises for the eyesight improvement. But the issue lays in the fact, that lots of us spend so much time per day using PC. As you know, it can cause different eyesight problems. Our Stereograms Collection can help you to avoid some of them training your eyes every day. It is not only good for eyesight, but also it can be a wonderful entertainment! So, how much time do you need to see the hidden 3D picture? 

HOW TO USE: The concept is rather simple - look at the picture and try to find the hidden one. It is recommended to use such kind of apps twice a day, about few minutes. After long using eye muscles can be tired, so be careful to prevent the eye overstraining. 

Stereograms Collection features:
- Make the brain recognize function strong;
- Perfect training to avoid eye problems;
- Amusing feeling of miracle when you find the picture;
- High quality bright colored pictures;
- Joy can be good for health!

Kill two birds with one stone with Stereograms Collection - improve your eyesight and have fun!

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