Stock Market Tracker
Stock Market Tracker


Stock Market Tracker is the simplest way to track a range of stocks and have all the key data you need at your fingertips. Create the list of stocks and set a minimal and maximum value. Stock Market Tracker will monitor the stock value changes working in a background and notify you if any of them occur. This app will help you to track variations of exchange rates and indexes, to keep an eye on the economic situation and develop your business intuition. Also, if you're not a very experienced broker, we have a Stock Market Basics material for you to know more about this economic field.

Stock Market Tracker features:
- Chart view to visualize changes over time;
- Detailed information on stock rates;
- Beautifully designed for retina display;
- Supports Apple Watch;
- Reference materials for beginners;
- iCloud synchronization;
- All the key details on the hand.
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