Stress At Work
Stress At Work


Stress At Work is a convenient and easy app that will let you track your emotional condition right in your office and define whether you’re too stressed and nervous. Just measure your pulse rate, and the app will show you if you’re too anxious or excited.

Track your heart rate level over time and see the ratio of your normal, average and quickened pulse rate in the statistics. Keep an eye on your pulse, stay calm and healthy!

HOW TO USE: Launch the app, put your pulse with the camera and see the result. Check the statistics: track your heart rate level over time and your good, average and bad pulse rate ratio. Set timer to remind you to take your pulse.

Stress At Work features:
- Defines your stress level;
- Easy pulse rate measuring;
- Convenient pulse rate statistics;
- Set reminders to measure your pulse;
- Good, normal and bad pulse ratio diagram.
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