Test Your Eyes
Test Your Eyes


Test Your Eyes is a great app to determine your color vision. Pass the test and find out if you have color blindness. 

This is a multiple choice test. You will be given four possible answers but only one answer is correct. To start the test, press the big button on the homescreen. You will see a pseudoisochromatic plate (millions of colored dots and circles) on the screen. Colorful dots hide a number or a line. By checking what you can see and what not, it's possible to say whether you suffer from some form of color blindness. To review the reference, open the information window. Here you can find information and every day advice on how to live with Colour Vision Deficiency. You can save the test results and review them later.  

Test Your Eyes Features:
- Simple color blindness test based on colored plates;
- Dozens of colorful pictures;  
- Opportunity to save the results and review them later; 
- Useful advices on different types of color blindness;
- Good collection of reference materials on this topic.
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