Time & Money Converter
Time & Money Converter


Ever wondered how much you've earned during an exact period of time? With Time & Money Converter, you can easily calculate the sum you got on specific days and within certain time frames. It's also easy to find out how much you will get paid for your vacation.


Set up the app by entering your salary and vacation length. Then choose how many days a week you work and how long your shifts are. Apply your settings, and you will see the amount of money you earn in certain time frames.

Time & Money Converter Features:
- see how much you earn in a year, a week, an hour, a minute;
- easily convert your earnings into other currencies;
- track your occupations and how much you earn while doing anything;
- plan your actions according to amounts you get to know.

Time & Money Converter is an ultimate solution for calculating your past and future earnings. Enjoy visual representations of your salary expectations and explore new information about your hourly and weekly income
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