Time To Eat
Time To Eat


We all know that food has a direct influence on our health. We try to choose healthy food but do you know that the time of having a meal is as important as what you eat. Especially if you're trying to lose weight!

Doctors say that the key of health is to eat every 3-4 hours. But to forget the time to eat is so simple, isn’t it!

“Time To Eat” App is a new intuitive diet manager that will help you to lose weight or to become healthier.

How does it work? App clock will remind you the right time to eat. It also includes different advice about nutrition. You need to start app and just to set up the time when you’re planning to go to bed. Simple, isn't it?

Time To Eat features:
- Intuitive diet manager;
- Effective method to lose weight or to become more healthy;
- Different advice from best nutritionists;
- Pros and Cons of diet;
- Food For Health list;
- Clockwork that reminds you the right meal time;
- User-friendly interface.

Check out our “Time To Eat” and realize that being healthy is easy!
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