To Buy List
To Buy List


To Buy List is a new application for people, who love shopping.  Create your shopping checklist and do not worry that you can forget to buy anything.  This application will be your private pal every time you go to the mall or visit small grocery stores.

- Create shopping day in the application. It can be PRESENT day or FUTURE; 
- Add items you want to buy to the list;

You can use categories of shopping and icons of items, which are already in the application or create yours

To Buy List features:
- Create shopping list for a day;
- Plan shopping lists for the future;
- Use ready categories and items;
- Different shopping categories: food, clothes, presents, home, pets and etc;
- Simplify your shopping process;
- Application reminds you to buy items.

Forget about annoying sheets of papers with handwriting you can't read. To Buy List makes it just a bad memory of fail shopping! 
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