Typing Monitor Gold
Typing Monitor Gold


Have you ever thought of how many taps are made by you per day? Our new app may help you with counting! This useful app is made to help you to achieve your writing goal. The app is irreplaceable when you want to write a fixed amount of words. You may use any app any time and Typing Monitor Gold just counts all the taps made. It is a perfect app for the statistics compilation. When you get your real typing data and the result doesn’t meet your expectations, it may encourage you to type more or less. 

You can turn the app off if you don’t want something to be counted (e-mail, for instance). Also, it is possible to compare the total of some previous day with today’s total. Thus, you have an opportunity to know whether you are doing well or it is better to hurry up to reach your goal. Let’s check how many taps you make per day with Typing Monitor Gold!


HOW TO USE: Just turn the app on. It works automatically and absolutely insensible. 


Typing Monitor Gold features:
- Counts your taps automatically;
- Works in background mode;
- Turn it on/off by one click;
- Simple-to-Use app;
- Develop your writing skills;
- Collect your own typing statistics.


This app is made to manage targets and manage your output! Enjoy.

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