UFO - Hide My File
UFO - Hide My File


Aliens are masters of mysteries and security, let them protect your personal photos, documents and other files and be sure that no one will get access to your private data! UFO - Hide my File is a new useful tool designed on the occasion of the World UFO Day and created for all people who want to have their files and information secured. 

HOW TO USE: Just launch the application and set your password. Drag and drop a file you want to be hidden and the UFO will take care of it. You can hide your text files, documents, folders and other files. You can make you files hidden, so you can only find them via this app or the aliens can encrypt your files, so text will be unreadable, pictures will be distorted and sounds will be replaced with alien sounds.

UFO - Hide my File features:
- Your files will be always secure;
- Choose a method of securing your files;
- Let the aliens keep your data safe;
- Make your own unique password;
- Encrypt your data for better protection;
- Choose files you want to protect!

Get amazing tool UFO - Hide my File and have your files secured!
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