Vitaminimum application helps the user to determine what vitamin groups are particularly important for his/her age, what vitamins and supplements you receive from the meals and what you are lacking in your diet. Have a balanced and healthy diet with Vitaminimum!

HOW TO USE: Vitamin groups you need usually depend on the age. That's why we recommend starting this app with creating your personal profile by choosing your age group and gender. Vitamins recommended for your age group will be indicated on the homescreen. You can change the standard settings (breakfast, lunch and dinner) by adding another food intake (for example, afternoon tea). Dishes are already pre-selected for each food intake, but you can also add your own dishes by pressing the button "add dish". 

Vitaminimum features:
- Stay informed about what vitamins you eat every day;
- Choose products and dishes from an extensive list or add your own;
- Group products according to vitamins they contain;
- Press the button "add food intake" and select the time of food intake.
- Set notification if you want and eat on time!

Besides, you can choose the food from the products list or add your own products. You will see what vitamin groups each product contains. Once you set up your personal profile, at the bottom of the homescreen you will see the list of all vitamins you receive during the day and those vitamins you are lacking.

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