Waiter Assistant
Waiter Assistant


Waiter job is quite hard but it can be a great way to earn a lot of money. That is a good work experience requiring many high skills as providing hospitality to guests, side work and permanent table maintenance. Waiter or waitress should greet the table, bring the drinks and take the order. Sometimes there are so many people and orders that it can be tricky to keep everything in mind. That is why we designed Waiter Assistant app which will help to optimize cafe, bar and restaurant waiters’ daily activities. This application is an easy way to keep a record of the orders and provide hospitality and perfect table maintenance at any time.

HOW TO USE: The application monitors and displays the status of the orders on waiter’s device and it provides additional information for each order. Start your work with creating a list of employees. Make an order on tables for the selected waiter. Start the timer to see how long your guests are waiting for the dishes.
If necessary you can change the standard menu adding the unique dishes of your restaurant. This application calculates the total amount of each order in the currency that you have specified in the settings.

Waiter Assistant features:
- Visualization of order information for each table;
- Adding unique dishes at the menu;
- Tracking the time of bringing the dishes;
- Calculation of the total amount of orders.

Be ready to perform the best waiter skill and make good tips. Increase the efficiency with the application Waiter Assistant!
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