Water consuming is essentially important for our lives and Water Tracker will help you with it! Keep track of your daily water intake and compare it with calculated daily norm. Everything you drink - coffee, tea, juice and more will be calculated and you will be shown how much water you have consumed. And helpful tips will tell you about importance of being hydrated. 


HOW TO USE: install the water reminder app and make water drinking schedule. Water Tracker will teach you to control water balance in organism and make drinking water a good habit of yours!


Water Tracker features:
- check body water balance anytime, anywhere;
- calculate water consuming;
- log all necessary information: time, amount and type of consumed liquid or water;
- add different drinks to track all consumed liquids;
- water consume benefits;
- water consumption facts.


Be strong, be happy, be healthy and drink water! Your body will say thank you for that! 

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