Water Tracker 2
Water Tracker 2


Try out Water Tracker 2 - the easy and efficient way to track your daily water consumption! It is essential to consume enough water daily - it hydrates and detoxes our body. And every day we have to consume a specific minimum amount of it. Water Tracker 2 can help you to optimize the tracking of consumed water. Simply enter basic data - gender, age, weight and level of physical activity - and it shows you the required daily amount of water. When you drink it, simply check it in our app. Other liquids - tee, coffee, juice, alcohol and more - are also taken into calculation! Use vivid and informative graphs to follow your average weekly and total consumption and discover fun facts about water!

HOW TO USE: Enter the basic info - gender, age, weight and level of physical activity - and Water Tracker 2 will calculate your daily norm! Whenever you drink any liquid select it in the app and track the amount of water you consume every day. You can also access your history presented in charts.

Water Tracker 2 features:
- Calculated daily required amount of water;
- Keep track of consumed water from any liquid;
- History of weekly and total average amount of water consumed per day;
- Fun and interesting facts about water.
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