Our unique weather app Weather Suits is a great helping instrument that provides you with information about weather in city where you live and suggests clothes to wear according to outside temperatures. This is a best weather apps and very helpful tool if you don’t know what to wear today or tomorrow.
Forget about getting cold or dressing not knowing about today forecast. Try this application and always dress for the weather! Be prepared for any weather changes and stay properly dressed with amazing tool Weather Suits!

HOW TO USE: Install the weather application on your phone. Just set your region and city, if the program didn’t it already, and set measuring system. Then app will show you today’s weather and suggest what is better to wear today. You can also get a 5 days weather forecast.

Weather Suits features:
- You can always dress according to weather;
- Possibility to choose Celsius or Fahrenheit system;
- Simple and intuitive interface;
- Five days weather forecast.

Try the amazing weather app Weather Suits and be prepared for any weather changes!

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