Who am I - we all ask ourselves that and now you have the answer! This app is a collection of personality tests which will tell you everything about your character and its traits. It's your way to self-improvement!

This test application is going to tell you all about yourself – it contains various test that will help you to identify what positive and negative traits you have, what really drives you, what are your hidden wishes and fears. Getting this app you make the first step to revealing the secrets of your personality and changing yourself!


HOW TO USE: launch the app, choose a test and answer the questions. See your results in the end. The application creates a profile filled with the test result information. You can choose a picture for your profile. Be careful with the results and don’t give way to despair!


Who Am I? features:
- Various interesting psychological tests – get to know yourself on many sides;
- Short profile based on the test results – see your psychological record;
- Convenient interface and test navigation;
- Great chance to learn about your personality – first step to self-improvement.


Get to know interesting facts about yourself with the marvelous personality test app Who Am I?, reveal the traits of your character, strengthen the good ones and weed out the bad ones! 



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