Planning and precision are incredibly important things for every worker. Elaborating and keeping your work schedule can redound upon the productivity and effectiveness of your team. With a new useful tool – Work Schedule – you can easily organize your working process and allocate shifts and working hours. Work Schedule is a casual and convenient must have application for every professional manager, it is ideal for shift planning. With it you can always have your work schedule right on the screen of your device. It doesn’t matter if you are an employers, shift manager or employee – Work Schedule will definitely become an extremely handy application for you!

HOW TO USE: First, enter the information in your profile, choose your working days and days off. In the window Shiftman you can add, edit and delete all coworkers and set their working schedule. Then you can check out the Calendar window where all shifts will be displayed and see how shifts are appointed and review your working days

Work Schedule features:
- Schedule your working process easily and freely;
- Add shiftman with all necessary information;
- Calendar mode – review all working hours and shifts in one time;
- Neat and clear design.

Schedule your working hours with Work Schedule application! The extremely useful app for time management and working efficiency and proficiency!

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