Workflow Visualizer - MindMap
Workflow Visualizer - MindMap


Workflow Visualizer – Mind Map is a new utility to help you in brainstorm organizing and managing all ideas that come to your and your colleagues’ minds. Thanks to this application, you do not need to fix ideas in a rush and chaotic disorder on a blackboard or a notebook.

With the help of Workflow Visualizer – Mind Map Gold, you can write down, organize, combine and control all ideas you can figure out. You won’t lose any single opinion ‘cause this app groups ideas into a scheme or diagram automatically.

HOW TO USE: Write down an idea – a word or a sentence. Choose a diagram or a scheme you want to use to organize your ideas. Otherwise, the brainstorm app can start organizing your ideas automatically to make it available to edit the diagram afterwards. You can use this mind map app not only for new ideas combining but also for workflow mapping or business management.

Workflow Visualizer – Mind Map Gold features:
- Automatically organizes and manages your posts into schemes and diagrams;
- All diagrams and schemes can be edited afterwards;
- Most efficient business diagrams and schemes;
- Helps to manage workflows and new ideas.

Workflow Visualizer – Mind Map Gold is a perfect tool for managers of all kinds. With this brainstorming tool your daily workflows will become more exact and efficient. Try it yourself and have a nice day with our mind map maker!

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