Your Private Password GOLD
Your Private Password GOLD


Registered on so many sites that you can't remember all the passwords you've set? Save all your usernames and passwords to Your Private Password, and it will save your passwords for any time you might need them.

HOW TO USE: Make an entry describing the site your login data is for, then enter your login and password. When you need the login information, enter the master password that you initially set. You can hide passwords clicking on the eye icon and copy it to the clipboard just by one click. You don't have to input your password by the keyboard, just copy and paste it easily. Also, you can create a new password selecting the safety settings. 

Your Private Password Features:
- Store login usernames and passwords;
- Save any piece of data you need to keep secure and accessible;
- Safe passwords generator;
- Copy and paste saved passwords by two clicks;
- Manage everything from a simple, searchable “password vault”;
- Add, edit, view, delete, and organize your sites.

Easy and fast passwords storing - all in one place! Do not use one password on all portals because it's insecure and makes your accounts more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Let Your Private Password store all of your passwords and keep your accounts data secure.

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